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Name: Justin Haggerty

Home: From NY, Living in Austin since 2017.

My Story: Art has only become a primary focus for me in the last 3-4 years. And much of that time was spent working with Digital Design and Vector programs. After moving from NY to ATX, my focus began shifting to physical works of Art (drawing, painting, prints, etc.). I attribute much of this to the Art community and culture that has been built by Cherry Cola Dog. This is an Art Gallery in Austin that hosts Live Art parties and open Art submissions. Much of my progression as an Artist is due to my involvement with Cherry Cola Dog.

My Style: Most of my work is done using paint markers, acrylic paints, acrylic inks, and much of the time I will lean on the bare wood itself as an Art element. My inspirations and style are straightforward: simplicity. My art is not complex or highly detailed, but it is not intended to be. Rather I have sharpened my attention to the lines and curves that I do create to be as precise as possible. I find the vulnerability and open/negative space that comes with simplicity to be quite beautiful.

See more of my  art at: SimpleCompostionsShop.com

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